Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Coffee Nook

My very favorite thing about my kitchen is my little coffee nook.  It was my number one priority when we started planning our kitchen make-over this past summer.  My entire kitchen was planned around making sure there was a space for my coffee area.  It's just a small area, as the wall ends there, but it's my favorite thing about my little kitchen.  It's about four feet wide all together, but has opened up lots of room on my counter tops (which have such limited space), so it's room well spent! To the right is the refrigerator.  One of those magnetic towel bars comes in handy to hold towels.

It started with an old white dresser we had in the attic.  Some minor repairs to a couple of the drawers, several coats of paint (ok, it's eggplant, NOT purple - the picture does not do it justice), and some new knobs, and Viola! - my coffee cupboard was born.  It's filled with coffees, teas, sugars, honey, cocoa, snack, and lots of other wonderful things.
On top is my Hamilton Beach coffee maker, electric tea pot, and coffee bean grinder.

 Over the coffee area is a set of shelves our good friend Richard put up for me.  The corbels (those little bracket thingies that hold the shelves) have a pretty swirl design which don't show in this picture.

One of my very favorite simple pleasures is a good cup of coffee.  Oh, how I love, love, love my coffee!  Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, even McDonalds are all pit stops for my coffee fix en route to work or when the urge strikes while I'm 'out and about.'
With many coffee lovers it's all about the caffeine, but for me, it goes much, much deeper.   It's more like an 'experience'  than a caffeine fix to me.  When I'm home, I have certain cups that I like to drink from, and the cup or mug changes with my mood.  I will drink almost any (good) coffee, but do have my preferences.  For a first rate experience, I like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts whole bean coffee, and grind my own as I use it (it stays fresher that way).   When I feel nostalgic I make my coffee on the stove in a glass coffee pot given to me by my favorite aunt when she switched to an electric coffee pot.  Most days I use my Hamilton Beach coffee maker.  I use the single cup side on work days, and on weekends I make a full pot on the carafe side.

I adore my little coffee haven.  It's one of those little things that brings me pleasure.  A cute little area of my own, filled with things I love.   I hope you will stop by some time to share a cup with me!




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